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Lior Gelfand

Phone: 03-6384440Mobile Phone: 054-6701010

Yaron Gelfand

Senior VP, CFO, CIO
Phone: 03-6384463Mobile Phone: 054-6701000

Galit Shimshoni

VP Marketing and Sales
Phone: 03-6384461Mobile Phone: 054-6701024

Tal Klinger

VP Conferences & Operations
Phone: 03-6384460Mobile Phone: 054-8006252

Aliza Gelfand

Phone: 03-6384466Mobile Phone: 054-6701009

Ruth Tzruya

Account Manager - Medical Department
Phone: 03-6384486Mobile Phone: 052-2902468

Limor Urfaly, Adv.

Industry Liaison & Project Manager
Phone: 03-6384493Mobile Phone: 054-7001770

Chasia Dovrat

Corporate Accounts -Department Manager
Phone: 03-6384467Mobile Phone: 054-6701028

Sagit Ishay-Yankovich

Senior Project Manager
Phone: 03-6384451Mobile Phone: 054-6701014

Sharon Bracha

Technical Manager
Phone: 03-6384495Mobile Phone: 054-6701007

Sharon Lapid

Project Manager
Phone: 03-6384462Mobile Phone: 054-6701016

Hani Laufer

Travel Agent
Phone: 03-6384446/473Mobile Phone: 054-6701019

Heli Belo

Outgoing Travel -Department Manager
Phone: 03-6384448/9Mobile Phone: 054-6701005

Ilana Aviv

Phone: 03-6384474

Nirit Shasho

Phone: 03-6384465Mobile Phone: 054-6701006

Ravit Nachman

Registration Coordinator
Phone: 03-6384452Mobile Phone: 052-6060171

Inbal Mor

Marcom Coordinator
Phone: 03-6384479Mobile Phone: 054-9497978

Simone-Shirel Azran

Manager of Operations - Incoming Tourism Department
Phone: 03-6384476/491Mobile Phone: 054-6701022

Pnina Gabbay

Administrative Manager & HR
Phone: 03-6384443/456Mobile Phone: 054-6701029

Delphine Miller

Registration & Tourism Services Manager
Phone: 03-6384487Mobile Phone: 054-5681008

Moshe Mashiach

Phone: 03-6384464

Anna Cheinin

Travel Agent
Phone: 03-6384488/9Mobile Phone: 052-6913125

Orly Spagnul

Business Development Manager IMTM
Phone: 03-7584696Mobile Phone: 054-6701008

Pat Zuckerman

Sales Representative - Travel Agency
Phone: 03-6384490Mobile Phone: 054-4274776

Yehudit Gabay-Shachak

Secretary & Data Base Coordinator
Phone: 03-6384481

Joanna Marciano

Incoming Tour Operator
Phone: 03-6384477Mobile Phone: 052-7984645

Sharon Flaisher Genuth

Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Phone: 03-6384494Mobile Phone: 052-5382140

Inbal Zecharia

Project Manager, Corporate Accounts Department
Phone: 03-6384475Mobile Phone: 052-8969451

Anat Regev

Business Development Manager
Phone: 03-6384453Mobile Phone: 054-2256216